Marwick_Tricia“The Scottish Parliament & Business Exchange performs a valuable role in facilitating cooperation and understanding between representatives of the business community and parliamentarians. Crucially, the Exchange encourages participation in the Parliament’s processes and works to build links between MSPs and the business community, and for that reason alone I would not hesitate to recommend getting involved in its activities”.

Tricia Marwick MSP, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament

arthur“The SPBE is a professional platform for ongoing MSP education of business issues. We have a significant proportion of MSPs engaged waiting for new business Programmes to become available.”

Arthur McIvor, Chief Executive, SPBE



The Scottish Parliament and Business Exchange (SPBE) is an organisation dedicated to fostering understanding between business and the Scottish Parliament.  Through our customised programmes we enable business leaders and Members of the Scottish Parliament to learn and understand the role of business and Parliament in shaping Scotland’s economy.

The SPBE is a registered educational charity and is independent, non-lobbying and non-partisan.

Our core objectives are to:

  • Increase the knowledge of MSPs about the impact of legislation upon business
  • Increase the knowledge of Businesses on how the legislative process in Scotland works
  • Create a forum for Parliamentarians and businesses to engage in strategic discussion


If you want to find out more about the SPBE then please explore the website, or contact us here.

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